Architectural Fees

  • Fees are typically billed hourly, at $75.00 per hour for architectural work and $50.00 per hour for time spent measuring and drafting the existing conditions (for remodeling projects). These are very competitive rates for a licensed architect with over 20 years experience in residential architecture.

  • Fees for complete architectural services – Like many residential architects, I estimate the total architectural fees for a project as a percentage of the construction cost. The percentages shown below vary based on the type and size of the project and are based on the construction being performed by a professional (but not the most expensive) general contractor, so are not relevant if you will be doing the work yourself.
    • New homes – 6% to 8% of construction cost
    • Large remodeling projects – 10% of construction cost
    • Medium remodeling projects – 10% to 12% of construction cost
    • Small remodeling projects – 12% of construction cost
  • For example - if a bathroom remodeling has a construction cost of $35,000, the architectural fees would be $35K x 12% = $4,200, and would include all of the steps outlined in the “Complete Architectural Services” section. The $4,200 would be billed hourly on a monthly basis as work is completed.

  • Fees for other architectural services - fees for these services are billed on an hourly basis and you will be given an estimate of those fees before any work is begun.